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Penis and Ball Torment

Penis and Ball Torment

Penis and Ball Torment: Sexual Pleasure from Pain

Are you familiar with the sex whip? It’s definitely a yes if you love painful sex. Masochism is another great way for an exciting night in bed. Add penis and ball torment to your list of sex experiment.
Penis and ball torment involves painful activities that are directed to the male genitals. Though the pain can be extreme, the sexual pleasure can be more satisfying than conventional love-making. There are different techniques for penis and ball torment and they can either be done alone or with a partner, whichever you find more challenging and gratifying.
Busting those Balls like a Baseball Game, Baby!
No, ball busting does not really involve baseball bats. There are different ways to bust (please, forget baseball now). Get your testicles kicked, punched, squeezed, and kneed as hard as you would like to feel alive! And if these aren’t enough, you can give that baseball bat a chance.
Ball Stretchers, Aw!
This is a sex toy for penis and ball torment that would make you feel like you would want to get rid of your balls, but not really. A ball stretcher is fastened around you to elongate your scrotums and provide you a feeling of weight pulling them away from your body. There’s a necessary precaution, though. Tight stretchers can easily cut off blood circulation that can pose a very dangerous health problem. If you don’t want to live with no balls, loosen a little or at least don’t stretch too much.

The Hot Chick FBI Agent with the Testicle Cuffs!

Your woman can play the sexy policewoman who will torture with orgasm. Testicle cuff is another toy designed for penis and ball torment. Using a testicle cuff can make your penis look longer, which can stimulate your partner’s arousal. Your sex session can also take longer than usual because of delayed or intensified ejaculation.


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