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Glass Sex Toys

Glass Sex Toys
Glass Toys
  • Sunset Glass Plug
    The Sunset Plug is created from Borosilicate glass that has been given a red and amber color hue. So you'll be mesmerized by the stunning look of this sex toy.
  • The G-Spot Glass Dildo
    This specially shaped dildo is angled to target the G and P spots. The borosilicate glass is smooth and sturdy enough to give pleasure sensations.
  • Knotty Pleaser
    The Knotty Pleaser is a smooth Borosilicate dildo that is not only an exquisite sex toy, but will feel sensational during use.
  • Clear Plug
    While standing as an exquisite looking work of art, the Trinity Clear Plug still offers you a handcrafted glass plug that will still give you a full and pleasing anal stretch.
  • Icicles No 19 Waterproof Glass Vibrator Reduced price!
    Each Icicles vibrator is made of hand-blown tempered glass that can be used for stimulating temperature play.
    $23.32 $31.95  (-27%)
  • The Twister Reduced price!
    The Twister will take you for an exciting ride. It has 5 ribbed blue swirls going up the shaft for additional pleasure.
    $15.04 $32.00  (-53%)
  • The Probe Reduced price!
    Have fun using your discreet art piece like The Probe as a functional dildo to give yourself hot pleasure.
    $14.50 $29.00  (-50%)
  • The Blinker Reduced price!
    An exquisite piece, The Blinker has more to it than meets the eye. 
    $18.00 $36.00  (-50%)
  • The Glass Bloom Reduced price!
    The Trinity Glass Bloom Dildo offers a fully functional sex toy cased inside in an elegant, handcrafted glass design. 
    $20.72 $37.00  (-44%)
  • The Nubbed Rotator Reduced price!
    Turn the handle on this Borosilicate Nubbed Rotator and watch your lover feel intense amounts of pleasure and enjoyment. 
    $16.20 $36.00  (-55%)


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Elbow Grease Original Cream
Elbow Grease Original Cream

Elbow Grease Cream-Original Formula hit the market in 1979 and is still going strong today.

$100.00 (-22%) $78.00

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